Our Main Principles
Our approach to martial arts is somewhat unique. We teach a balanced style, Han Mu Do which puts equal emphasis on punching, kicking, joint locking, throwing & grappling. We also study the history and philosophy of the martial arts as well as several martial arts weapons. Along with this intergration of styles, we stress a strong traditional approach to the martial arts. Our central focus is the overall well-being of our students. Our students will not only learn to defend themselves, they will develop and condition thier minds and bodiies. Our program also teaches confidence and self-respect.
  Our Mission
The mission of Black Eagle Martial Arts is to impact and empower individual's lives with the positive benefits of martial arts training. We are committed to create a better community filled with health, happiness, peace and harmony built from a unique blend of old traditional and modern day martial arts training. We study the best martial art skills and life skills from the East and the West to create a fulfilling life through, not only a balanced martial art, but also a balanced life. Our purpose is to uphold the traditional values of martial arts; respect, deiscipline, honor, loyalty, family, and bracery to the highest level of Black Belt Excellence. We must all be committed to our ideals by striving for the highest standards of excellence in: teaching, developing quality instructors, students, Black Belts, and competitors.